Analysis Of Solomon Northup In 12 Years A Slave

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Good evening, and welcome to tonight’s episode of ‘Fact to Fiction’, where we review the latest Hollywood blockbusters on how accurately they turn fact, into fiction. As always, I’m your host, Zodie Bolic. On tonight’s show, we will be analysing the portrayal of Solomon Northup in the movie ‘12 Years A Slave’, based on Northup’s besting selling memoir of the same name.

In ‘12 Years A Slave’, Solomon Northup, a 33 year old free black man, is kidnapped and forced into slavery. Northup, an accomplished violinist is drawn to Washington by the promise of money and employment by two men, latter to be his kidnappers. Though he protests his freedom, he passed from owner to owner before finally a Canadian abolisher by the name of Samuel Bass helps him regain his freedom.

In regards to the portrayal of Solomon Northup, ‘12 Years A Slave’ does an almost flawless job of portraying its protagonist, based on the historical evidence taken from Northup’s own memoir. This is most likely due to the in depth source material as well as a knowledgeable history consultant that worked on the film, Henry Louis Gates Jr. (Cieply, 2013). ‘12 Years A Slave’ simply visualises Northup’s memoir, and while there are small inaccuracy, historians and film critics alike agree that these help to portray to an audience the true horrors of slavery.

The way Northrup is portrayed prior to when he is sold into slavery is mostly accurate. However, in the movie, Northrup only has two children, Alonzo (5) and
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