Analysis Of Solomon Northup 's 12 Years A Slave

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Written by Solomon Northup and published in 1853, 12 Years a Slave is an autobiography describing the horrible experiences that Solomon himself faced, within a span of twelve years, after having been kidnapped as a free man, beaten, and sold into slavery. As a tribute to Northup 's powerful memoir, in 2013 a film was created, also called 12 Years a Slave, which served to retell Northup 's story through the power of cinematic effects, actors, and cameras. However, even though the movie is based entirely on Northup 's memoir, in does not serve to accurately portray every factual and historical detail that appears within the novel. Details such as the number of children Northup had, the characteristics of the people he came across, to the severity of white treatments towards slaves, all seemed to have been looked over in the making of the movie. This inattention to detail can confuse or upset those who have read the novel, whilst on the other hand will falsely portray the time period, as well as Northup 's heart-wrenching experience, to those who have not previously read the novel. In the beginning of his memoir, Solomon clearly states that he only wished to “give a candid and truthful statement of facts: to repeat the story of [his] life, without exaggeration” (Northup 1), however, the film based upon the novel does not appear to stay true to Solomons wishes. In fact, the film appears to have completely looked over crucial events which served to lay the foundation of Northup
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