Analysis Of Somaliland Announced 's Secession From Somalia Essay

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Somaliland announced its secession from Somalia in 1991 and has operated as a more or less independent country ever since. It has its own president, parliament and constitution. It even boasts a central bank that prints its own currency, the Somaliland shilling. The peaceful existence of its three million mostly Muslim, but secular, residents contrasts sharply with the disorder and instability of Somalia. The world, however, has refused to recognize Somaliland. Reluctant to encourage other separatist movements, the West remains committed to supporting the embattled Transitional Federal Government in Somalia, which opposes its separation.
Now let me talk about the Economy in Somaliland even though Somaliland is not totally independent country and still share a lot with Somalia when it comes to economy. In this paper I will concentrate four aspects that’s makes Somaliland economy weak or low.
Somaliland government does not have the capacity to participate in certification schemes or to provide authenticity documentation that would enable businesses to sell goods globally. Firms instead have to find unconventional, and often costly, workarounds. Although sesame seeds are grown in large quantities in Somaliland in 2012 the country was the 12th largest producer in the world exporting them is challenge.
This means that the government of Somaliland loses money, because if the
Somaliland government exporting the way the formal Somali government used to

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