Analysis Of `` Sonny 's Blue `` By James Baldwin

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Music can be the lead to freedom from darkness. The story “Sonny’s Blue” by James Baldwin takes places in Harlem around the 1950’s. The story is about two brothers. One of the brothers is the narrator of the story whose name is unknown. The narrator tells the story of the struggles in Harlem but mainly the struggles of his brother with drugs, and his passion for jazz music. Through out the story the narrator avoids giving a sense of his own struggles with himself. However, in the end the reader can see the narrator’s struggles making the story more about him that Sonny. In “Sonny 's Blues” symbols play a huge role and give a deeper meaning in the story. One of the biggest symbols in the store is the constant reference to darkness. In the story “Sonny’s Blues” darkness symbolizes oppression, while music symbolizes freedom. In the story darkness represents the oppression of the African American community living in Harlem during the 1950’s. Harlem is a major place for African Americans. Harlem was their little world where there’s no whites or any other race but them. It also takes place before civil rights, meaning that African Americans didn 't have any right. Harlem is not as perfect as they wish it was, in fact its nothing but hopeless. Nobody in Harlem is meant to move forward. As the narrator refers to the young kids in Harlem “They were filled with rage. All they knew was two darkness, the darkness of their lives…and their darkness in the movies, which had blinded
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