Analysis Of Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz

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SFII Essay 2 TITLE Q: WHAT IS THE MEANING OF HER SILENCE??? Anachronologically deemed a feminist for her writings, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz stood in the New World as a defiant, female Catholic. Through her work, she displays her head-strong character, illuminating the hypocrisy that was flourishing in patriarchal Mexico while simultaneously creating metaphors that clearly showed how she viewed her situation. Moreover, through extenstive allusions, she displays her aptitude, proving that she had one true love in life: the love for learning. Perhaps doomed from the start because of her sex, any time Sor Juana delved into her passion she was bound to hear insolence from a traditional member of society, namely the Bishop of Puebla,…show more content…
Obviously more than vexed, and fully aware of who she is writing to, it does not seem likely that such a defiant, head-strong women would aquiese silence, unless it meant something to her. As she said in her response, silence is not always a lack, or an absence of something- “… though it [silence] explains a great deal through the very stress of not explaining, we must assign some meaning to it that we may understand what the silence is intended to say, for if not, the silence will say nothing, as that is its very office: to say nothing… Not speaking is not the same as having nothing to say, but rather being unable to express the many things there are to say.” (5, 7). Thus, Sor Juana was clairvoyant, aware that the Bishop of Puebla was requesting that she stop writing. Through her words, she was saying that will continue to have purpose and meaning behind whatever would happen. By saying this, Sor Juana remains out of the Bishop’s control: She can be made silent, but the silence does not mean what the Bishop hopes it does. She further disputes the meaning of silence by writing, “All this demands more investigation than some believe, who… attempt to interpret the Scriptures while clinging to that Let the women keep silence in the curch… Let the women learn in silence…” She goes on to interpret this quote for her dear reader, stating that this reasoning is actually beneficial towards the educational rights of women, interpreting it with

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