Analysis Of Spare The Rod : Corporal Punishment

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Spare the Rod: Corporal Punishment and The Alternatives Spare the rod, spoil the child is to many Americans much more than just a bible verse; it is a way of life. While it is important respect individual decisions, it is also important to be aware of the alternatives. Spanking is a part of traditional child rearing, and although psychology largely argues against corporal punishment, it is important to consider the possibility for its use, and bring awareness to child abuse because of its misuse. The topic of corporal punishment hits close to home, steps on emotions, traditions, and poses ethical dilemmas to each person who considers it. When considering the effectiveness of corporal punishment, it is important to take into consideration the effects that it has on whole populations rather than just one case. Jared Pingleton, a clinical psychologist and a minister writes in an article for Focus on the Family as an appeal for the necessity of corporal punishment, “Many parents today view themselves primarily as their child’s friend and recoil at the idea of administering discipline. Children, though, desperately need their parents’ love and affirmation as well as their authoritative guidance and correction”. (Pingleton, 2014) This way of thinking about discipline is very important regardless of whether corporal discipline is used, but the use of spanking is often the most immediately effective way of conveying this message. Pingleton suggests in his step by step guide to carrying out discipline that when a parent approaches spanking properly, it can create a lasting sense of love and respect between the parent and the child. Spanking is used around the world to influence child development, and although it has many positives, it is also necessary to examine its’ alternatives. Anti-Spanking advocates argue that the effects of corporal punishment in the long-term matter much more than the short-term obedience that parents obtain when they hit their child. According to research by Elizabeth Gershoff on the long-term effects of spanking; “In a series of meta-analyses, spanking was associated with increases in mental health problems in childhood and adulthood, delinquent behavior in childhood and

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