Analysis Of St Stephen 's Catholic Primary School

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Situational Analysis
St Stephen’s Catholic Primary School is situated in the suburb of Algester. The suburb itself is approximately 40 minutes drive from the city and is surrounded by old and new land releases in suburbs like Calamvale, Stretton and Parkinson. St Stephen’s is currently in its eleventh year of operation and in that time has seen only two principals. In 2015, a new principal commenced at the school, after the previous foundational principal, retired. Another change to the leadership team was that of Assistant to the Principal Administration, who left to go on maternity leave for twelve months. A foundational staff member replaced her, for that period of leave. The Administration team is male dominated, with a male in the
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Class sizes range from twenty-two students, up to thirty-one students. There are nineteen classroom teachers and several support staff, who assist in the implementation of the Australian curriculum, to ensure each child reaches their potential.

The school is renown in the wider community for its many achievements. It fosters the motto “Courage, Wisdom and Faith” and encourages the students to echo these words in all that they undertake. There have been many celebrations of students in the field of sport, the arts: particularly in music and choir performances and also in academic areas of Mathematics, Science and English competitions, Writer’s Club and Tournament of the Minds. The St Stephen’s staff commit to good quality education, with particular focus on Mathematics, English and Science. Students are encouraged to be responsible for their educational journey, through the use of visible learning documentation and effective feedback provided by the teachers.

The purpose of this assignment is to explore how the leadership team at St Stephen’s can be improved. This exploration will be structured under the following three headings; Lack of Organisation and Communication Effects Credibility and Deficiency of Unity, Hinders Relationships. The concluding paragraph will aim to highlight how the Administration team at St Stephen’s Primary School can lead the staff and students in an authentic,
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