Analysis Of Stan Grant 's Speech ' Racism And The Australian Dream '

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Stan Grant’s speech ‘Racism and the Australian Dream’ (2015) effectively reminds the Australian population of the racism and harsh inequalities indigenous Australians have faced in the past and still face today. In reminding us of this reality, Grant engages us to discover issues of civic participation in Aboriginal people and in doing so perpetuates a need for social change. More? (topic SENTENCE). Stan Grant is a 52-year-old Indigenous-Australian activist, journalist and author from Griffith, New South Wales. Grant over the past three decades of his career has worked with the ABC, SBS, CNN, and Seven Networks and currently hosts Reporting Live with Stan Grant on Sky News and The Point with Stan Grant on NITV. Furthermore, Grant was recently selected to be part of a bipartisan referendum council that aims towards indigenous recognition in the constitution. (LINK) Stan’s speech was made on the 27th of October 2015 as part of an IQ2 debate series hosted by the Ethics Centre on whether racism is destroying the Australian dream, however the video of the speech was only published online on 21st January 2016. After it was posted online the speech was rediscovered and went viral on social media obviously resounding with Australians in the lead up to Australia day. In Declaring “The Australian Dream is rooted in Racism” Stan Grant’s speech continues the long ongoing discussion of indigenous inequality and health issues resulting from racism in our country. Although racism towards

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