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In the visual text Stand by Me directed by Rob Reiner an important theme is growing up, Maturing, experienced new emotions, and the importance of friendship.These themes are portrayed by four young boys.thourgh their risky mission they have unlifted.Rob Reiner using a variety of techniques to show their experience that led them through a life-changing and metaphorical journey.

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As they start the long journey they discover the dangerous riskier side of things.Since they are younger and haven't matured enough and they don't know how life-threatening and unsafe the long and rough journey is.Their faces are filled with mixed emotions they don't know how to fell. They analyze the distances of the journey.They started the long
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can affect the boys them mentally and physically.For these boys, they try to find belonging, love, and support in their friendship.this supports helps them go through their difficulties.They sometimes do things rebellious and immature because of their upbringing.For example, the parallel shot was used when Teddy convinced himself to stand in front of a moving train that was coming towards him, reason occurred that he was in distressed and unstable.His mind was fixated on doing something to escape from everything that involved is family.He strongly stood on the track and waited for the charging train to stop but it kept storming forward.Chris jumped in risking his life for Teddy that shows the loyalty and commitment in their friendship, that shows that friendship comes first.Chris pulls him off the tracks and Teddy's anger strikes towards Chris this shows how Teddy wanted an escape and he was "I don't need no babysitter" Teddy exclaim in distress "You do to" Chris Gasping for air.Chris showed a fatherly figure by grabbing teddy to safety that shows friendship comes in many different shapes for size even if it's helping your friend in a life or death situation.for example These boys have shown compassion for their friendship and connected with each other.Close upshot was used to illustrate the long and risky train track.The high angle was used to display how vulnerable, small and powerless if the train were to come.the mid/close up shot was used to show the expression of

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