Analysis Of Starbucks ' Financial Statement

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Analysis of Starbucks’ Financial statement
Financial statements provide users with information for evaluating an entity’s performance and financial status and thus help them to make informed decisions in their dealings with the entity. To assess these aspects, the users have various tools that they can employ. For instance, ratio analysis helps the users to detect any significant changes in an entity’s operating performance within a given period and thus indicate the risks and opportunities of the entity being reviewed (Helfert, 2001). Further, calculating ratios of companies in the same industry can help to highlight the companies that are performing below the industry average and thus help investors to choose the best company to choose from among alternatives. Apart from investors, ratio analysis can also help creditors evaluate a company’s liquidity and thus assess its ability to pay its debts on time (Helfert, 2001). Other ratios such as efficiency ratios can help managers to determine optimal uses of the entity’s assets and thus work towards enhancing efficiency. Apart from ratio analysis, horizontal analysis can also be used to reveal the trends of individual items in an entity’s income statement and balance sheet and thus help to unearth the items that may have affected the entity’s performance during a specific period. The horizontal analysis and ratio analysis of the financial statements of Starbucks Corporation that is the subject of this paper indicate that…
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