Analysis Of Starbucks Supply Chain Company

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Manufacturing 7
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Distribution Process 11
Supply Chain 14
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Analysis of Starbucks Supply Chain
• Seattle-based coffee chain founded in 1971, with over 21,000 stores world wide, and 12,218 locations in the United States.
• This report will analyze and discuss the Manufacturing process that begins with procuring raw material (i.e. coffee beans), transporting the raw material to roasting plants, and manufacturing and packaging the end product for consumption by the retail stores.
• Starbucks has to closely monitor and follow the guidelines of the Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Agriculture and Occupation Safety and Health Act (OSHA) in order to own, operate, and open new stores.
• In 2008, Starbucks identified that the majority of its cost and expenses rooted from the distribution of supplies. They have introduced the 3PLs (Third-Party Logistics) reducing and eliminated third party venders without creating defects in the short and long run.
• CEO Howard Schultz and his management team sought out to simplify the complex process that had been plaguing their supply chain and creating massive expenses. To accomplish this, they…

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