Analysis Of Stephen Crane 's ' The Red Badge Of Courage '

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Joshua Lachowicz English 4A Pd.2 Ms.Mastrokyriakos 20, November, 2014 Literary Analysis Wc: 1680 “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. (Christopher Reeve)” In The Red Badge Of Courage, the author Stephen Crane, analyzes the terms “hero” and “being heroic” through the main character’s actions during WWI. Stephen Crane was intrigued with the art of war and battles and to write the novel as accurately as possible spoke to men from WWI. He wrote the novel with such detail and used so many vivid descriptions most literary critics thought he was a veteran when he had never set foot of the battle field. The main character of The Red Badge of Courage Henry Fleming was considered a hero when in reality only really deserves the title at the end of the novel when he was finally heroic Henry’s name has subjective qualities with its meaning “The first part of his last name Fleme when used as a transitive verb means to flee, run away Fleming means one who puts to flight Fleme also means when used as a verbal substantive means to cause to flee, to drive away (pg 373 sadler)” This all points to the fact that Stephen Crane meant to make him seem at points heroic when he didn’t deserve it until later on doing something heroic and worthy of being called a hero. Henry In the very beginning of the story is scared to be considered a coward. “Henry is apprehensive lest his name become a slang phrase (pg373 Sadler)”

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