Analysis Of Stomp Music

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Yiruma, 2003. Kiss the Rain. In: From the Yellow Room [CD]. Stomp Music. Knowing that I always overthink during my free time, I am thinking to start my playlist with a contemporary classical music. As stated by McCraty et al., (1998) that classical music has been used to reduce anxiety and depression, it also led to a general reduction in the "negative" scales, with significant reductions in fatigue, sadness, and tension. This song helps me a lot in order to reduce negativity effects of overthinking and makes me calm. The music is soft, stunning, and captures the mood perfectly. All associations in this music was proven that this music is beautifully composed with structure and pattern that is amazing for people who hear it. Additionally,…show more content…
Through the melody and other elements within this song, all my anger and disappointment things inside of me start to disappear. Moreover, the song brings me the intention to keep fighting through the lyrics. Especially with the lyrics “I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion”. By the end of this song, I could feel proper mood for increased cognitive and creative capabilities. It also gives me warm feeling to tackle new challenges. Beyoncé, 2011. Run the World (Girls). In: 4[vynil 12th single]. Columbia Records. With regards to its hypnotic beat and call-and-response chorus, “Who run the world? Girls, girls!”, this song totally wakes me up and motivates me. This song brings cheerfulness and happiness to me and keeps me in a positive thought. Basically it is telling girls not to underestimate themselves, but rather to harness their inner strength and skills to make their own dreams come true. This song totally boosts my confidence as music benefit through its musical influences (Shayan et al, 2011, p. 2063). Additionally, as ‘Run the World (Girls)’ boost my level of confidence, it upgrades my social-well being and communication skills. Furthermore, female music engagement leads to feeling empowered by music to act toward positive change for oneself and others (Travis et al, 2016). Fifth Harmony featuring Kid Ink, 2015. Worth It. In: Reflection [vynil 4th CD]. Syco Music&Epic Records. Still following the theme of relieving
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