Analysis Of Stop Googling Let's Talk By Sherry Turkle

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Technology Today In the twenty-first century, technology has taken off. Today, we live in a world surrounded by technology all around, one of the most prevalent in society today- the cellphone. In the article written by Sherry Turkle, “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk”, she poses the question, “What has happened to face-to-face conversation in a world where so many people say they would rather text than talk?” (p 1). The author is stating that many people today would rather use cellphones instead of having direct conversation. Turkle connects cellphones and how they affect our daily lives throughout the article with the use of statistical evidence, inclusion nouns, and interview experiments. She presents her argument in a…show more content…
For example, Turkle states, “It’s not only that we turn away from talking face to face to chat online. It’s that we don’t allow these conversations to happen in the first place because we keep our phones in the landscape” (p 3). She is revealing that we don’t even allow conversation because we are so drawn into our cellphones. The word “we” brings the reader to attention, and feeling as if they are included in what is about to be said. Turkle continues, “In our hearts, we know this, and now research is catching up with our intuitions. We face a significant choice. It is not about giving up our phones but about using them with greater intention. Conversation is there for us to reclaim” (p 3). She mentions the word “we” many times in just one paragraph, which also shows she is with us, and not attacking us. Inclusive nouns make the reading more inviting. In addition, Turkle also uses interviewing on experiments that were performed to prove her point about the use of cell phone having negative effects. After an interview, Turkle states, “One 15-year-old I interviewed at a summer camp talked about her reaction when she went out to dinner with her father and he took out his phone to add “facts” to their conversation. “Daddy” she said, “Stop Googling. I want to talk to you” (p 3). This shows that even the older generations, that didn’t grow up around the new technology we have, still resort to their phones during a conversation, instead of

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