Analysis Of `` Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening `` Essay

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Poetry in All Its Forms Poetry’s stellar form allows people to creatively observe the boundaries of depth. Forms of poetry are equal in difficulty; a portion of humankind might consider a sonnet difficult, in contrast others find it to be elementary. A poem I admire is called “stopping by woods on a snowy evening” by Robert Frost (Frost, R. 1922). As I marvel at the simplicity of this poem, I find it no wonder that it’s considered a masterpiece with the words so beautifully painted inside the text. I would consider this poem to be rhyming/free verse . Poetry conforms to its own set of rules; however, rules in free verse are exiguous. Free verse carries the weight of the writer’s mind, while the writer creates their own rules. It allows one the freedom to conduct the poem however one wishes. Writing free verse challenges my brain to complete multiple forms, assimilating creative juices. Free verse allows oneself to express one’s soul, but if you take, for example, a haiku or a senryu that restriction makes the poem difficult to write. A haiku is difficult to master perfectly, although it is my favorite form of poetry. In poetry, imagery is required to be painted with a pen; it is essential that the reader observe what the author’s imagination is showing. In conducting an interview with Ben Pickard, on a poetry site I have frequented since I started writing poetry, he expresses that he enjoys writing new types of poetry and his favorite is the sonnet. When asked
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