Analysis Of Strange Characters In The Stranger

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Strange Characters The Stranger by Albert Camus follows the story of a man named Meursault, who received notice that his mother had passed away. Meursault was not emotionally connected to his mother, and his reaction is not what the reader would expect, as he did not seem to care at all. Therefore, the day after attending his mother’s funeral, Meursault goes to the beach and meets up with his girlfriend, Marie. After the beach, Meursault and Marie go to a movie and spend the night together. When he returns home from work the next day, Meursault runs into his neighbor, Raymond. Later in the story, Meursault, Marie, and Raymond go to a beach house, which is owned by one of Raymond’s friend, Masson. At the beach, Masson, Raymond, and Meursault run into two Arabs, one who happens to be the brother of Raymond’s mistress, who is obviously not on good terms with Raymond. Therefore, a fight breaks out and Raymond is stabbed. Later, Raymond and Meursault return to the beach, and run into the Arabs again. Meursault talks Raymond out of shooting the Arabs, however, later Meursault shoots Raymond’s mistress’s brother. Meursault is arrested and is put in jail, goes through trail, is found guilty and is sentenced to death. The characters in The Stranger are complex and one can learn a great deal from them. By analysing The Stranger through the lens of character, and specifically focusing of Marie, Raymond, and Meursault one learns a greater understanding of how human behavior is
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