Analysis Of Strozier Sensors Incorporated ( Ssi ) Essay

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Strozier Sensors Incorporated (SSI), a multimillion-dollar company established in 2016 because of the government splitting a monopoly company into six identical competitors. As a way to differentiate itself from the other companies, SSI developed a Niche Differentiator business strategy with a focus on the High Technology customers (Foundation Online Guide, n.d.). This purpose of this business strategy is to help SSI gain a competitive advantage. The high technology products will be created with easy accessibility, excellent design, and high awareness. SSI core business units consisted of Research & Development (R&D), Marketing, Production, Human Resources (HR), and Finance. R&D is mainly responsible for making product improvements and creating new products that will meet the needs of our high technology customers concerning age, price, size, and performance. The Marking team is responsible for the proper sales forecast, pricing the products at a premium cost, and spend top dollars in sales and promote to aid in making sure our customers are familiar with our product. The Production team is responsible for scheduling the production of inventory based on the marketing forecast and making sure capacity if available to meet the demand without overtime. The Human Resource team works to make sure production has the proper complement. The caliber of employee is based on the amount of money spent for recruiting and training. The Finance team managers the cash flow from

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