Analysis Of Structure And Dynamics

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Course Project: Background: Analysis of Structure and Dynamics
Jeffrey L. Quick
EDUC 6263: Best Practices for Student Success
Walden University
1 June 2016

Course Project: Background: Analysis of Structure and Dynamics
Institutions of higher education pride themselves in their ability to educate, serve, and meet the needs of the students in which it serves. This analysis shows collaboration on college/university campuses to foster success among first year students. With higher education today being in a state of dynamic change, it becomes crucial that faculty members recognize that their long time traditional roles have become somewhat non-existent. That is to say that there must be a relinquishing of past ideas and procedures. As quoted by Kramer (1984) within our current text; “the focus of the faculty member can no longer be teaching and research. Faculty must now take on a larger role in retention and recruitment efforts, creating the long range of viability of the institution (Kramer, 2007 p. 318).
The reality is that collaboration has to become an active component on college campuses. It appears that collaboration is present within the student affairs departments on college campuses today. In fact the collaboration efforts as it relates to first year students are evident in the research and screening for best practices. Each individual has to by-in to the idea of advancing forward. Recall Chaffey College and Dr. Shannon discussing that faculty/staff…
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