Analysis Of ' Suicide Note '

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Analysis of “Suicide Note” The poem, “Suicide Note,” is about a young Asian-American female college student who commits suicide by jumping out of her dorm room window. The note that she left behind, lets the reader know the reasoning behind her taking her own life. The poem describes the correlation of a destroyed college girl, who feels that she is not good enough academically. The poem is written by the author in the form of a suicide note presented by the college student to her parents. She believes that she does not have purpose on earth, unable to fulfill at being the perfect 4.0 student and she compares herself to being a son. This was a heartbreaking incident that should never have happened from beginning. Its alerting about how parents can put pressure on their children about academic work. Instead of hoping that her problems would eventually come at ease, she gives up confidence and choices for the easier way out. She feels that her every drawback is like “ice above her river” that comes out as apologies for her imperfections. She couldn’t face the disappointment from her parent anymore, resulting in the poor girl taking her own life. If she cannot face the fact that she is not perfect, she cannot face what life has ahead of her. Life is full of expectations and obstacles that are either made the battle through or live with. She feels that she has to apologize for her imperfections, imperfections that most people just over look. This also advocates that her
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