Analysis Of Sultana's Dream By Begum Rokeya

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However, in “Sultana’s Dream” Rokeya portrayed the idea that females can do everything and that only the society they cut the women privileges short and gave men more. Begum Rokeya distributed "Sultana's Dream" as a short English Literature story in the Indian Ladies Magazine, a production for "current" Indian ladies. The story is described by a tip top lady hero from her comfortable isolates chambers. The heroine felt asleep while she was thinking about the female issues in India and when she wakes up she find that all what she was thinking about it was just a dream. She used all her imagination that she found herself walking in the street with her hair down in the morning in a new world where all the gender roles are reversed that men are in the “mardana”- (the name of the external part in the house of a family for men and visitors, in supplement to zenana, the internal part of a family saved for ladies). In this world flipped around, ladies are walking with their hair uncovered in the streets daylight, going about as the rulers and researchers of this option method for being. "Woman" researchers have moved from the military machines and rather design approaches to heavy rain they started to do scientific project to take energy from the sun. They did a lot of inventions. the hero takes in the history behind this fantastical otherworld. Not very far in the past, these logical accomplishments were rejected by the male-commanded military society as "nostalgic bad dreams”.

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