Analysis Of ' Sunday On The Park ' By Bel Kaufman Essay

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While reading the short story “Sunday In The Park” by Bel Kaufman, I envisioned what seemed to be a stereotypically happy family. It was 5:30 on a Sunday afternoon, while mom and husband Morton was cuddling on a park bench watching their son Larry play in the sandbox. Little did they know this Sunday would show their happy families true colors. The other little boy in the sandbox stood up and quickly threw a handful of sand towards Larry just missing his head. Larry continued playing as if it didn’t bother him while it bothered the mother more than anyone.

The boy who threw sands name is Joe, a rather heavyset boy, spitting image of his father. Joe’s father doesn’t think his child is acting out of character, he tells Joe, “You go right ahead, Joe. Throw all you want.” (Kaufman 1). The mother is rubbed the wrong way about what the father has told Joe. She then looked at Morton hoping he would back her up on what was happening. Morton began to say to Joe’s father, “You’re quite right, but just because this is a public place….” (Kaufman 1). The man sort of gives a little chuckle at Morton as if what he said had no effect on him. While this is going on the children are watching with eyes wide. In my opinion, I think this is something a child should never watch. Then again parents are going to do anything and everything to stand up for their children. At the same time, you have to teach your kids at a young age to stand up for themselves. If you never teach them you will find

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