Analysis Of Sunflower Rhythm Coffee Cafe

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Sunflower Rhythm Coffee Café is a retail business venture based in the heart of Waldorf, Maryland. The company is a small LLC independently owned business started in 2015, and is expected to provide a combination of highly-quality coffee beverages and light food products while listening to a rhythm combination of Jazz and Blues. In addition to providing products and services surrounding our extraordinary sound, we will enrich efficiency and effectiveness to meet the needs of our customers. Sunflower Café’ will offer various coffee products which will identify the smallest details that will magnify the significance and branding of Sunflower Rhythm Coffee Café. Again, as a result of the strong industrial experience, it is our goal to market the strength and competitive climate in Waldorf; while also targeting the undefined population who still loves to hear and can appreciate good music behind the rhythmic melodies of jazz and blues. The name of this business highly reflects my mother who passed away on November 27th, 2015. Her favorite flower was the sunflower; she would always tell me baby no other flower can lift someone’s spirits like a sunflower. She went on to say sunflowers are unique and they provide energy in the form of nourishment and vibrancy. This flower has a delightful disposition and is the perfect flower to bring joy to a person’s day. The Blues and the Jazz on the other hand targets both me and my mom. We both love good music, and we all know, Blues is good

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