Analysis Of ' Super Size It ' By Lisa Colletti

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Micah Fischer
Frances Coley
December 2, 2014
Don’t Be Left Behind: Consumerism and Social Interaction in the 21st Century
The essay “Super-Size It” by Lisa Colletti is based on the premise that American’s cultural emphasis on consumerism has negative consequences reflected in rising obesity rates which she directly attributes to America’s prosperity and materialism, whereas I do not feel consumerism has negative connotations, is the lifeblood of our economy, and is engaged in by all classes to some degree.
Today, people consume for necessity and pleasure. The act of consuming goods may allow one to fit in, feel confident, or participate socially in shopping culture. Consumerism has become a universal behavior amongst most people and groups. According to Sharon Boden, consumption is affected by both external and internal constraints and expectations (150). I argue that consumerism and consumption is the backbone of our economy, and is no longer an accurate indicator of a person’s actual status and wealth. As a society, we all have increased accessibility to commodities and experiences. For example, driving a luxury car is no longer a symbol of being wealthy, leases or loans have brought such luxuries to a broader spectrum of social classes.
Although stereotypes and emphasis on public image are common within this judgment-based society, they do not measure up when it boils down to ‘who is purchasing what.’ This paper analyzes five scholarly books to determine why consumerism…

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