Analysis Of ' Superboy And The Invisible Girl '

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For my song analysis I chose a piece for a musical which is called Next to Normal. The song in the musical is called Superboy and the Invisible Girl. The musical features an average American family trying to hold itself together. The dad goes to work, the daughter, Natalie is a genius, but the mother, Diana, struggles with bipolar disorder and hallucinations. Their son Gabe, died as an infant, but the mother has been hallucinating him, growing up with the rest of the family as if he never died. So Gabe, in a strange way, is actually one of the main characters. This is a key song in the storyline because it is the first time that Natalie attempts to express her true feelings. The song starts off with Natalie singing what becomes the chorus of the song, “Superboy and the Invisible Girl... Son of steel and daughter of air. He 's a hero, a lover, a prince— She 's not there”. Natalie struggles with how to find a place in her family where she is content. She grapples with how she can surpass her brother’s shadow, when her mother puts him on a pedestal. How do you compete with a dead person? She feels like he is this person that can do no wrong and that she just doesn’t exist, despite how hard she tries to be perfect to earn her mother’s love and approval. Even though Gabe is technically dead, he does still have a type of relationship with his sister. We talked about some of these as being the effect on an adolescent’s relationship with their siblings and their parent(s) when

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