Analysis Of ' T. B. Boyle 's Carnal Knowledge

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T. C. Boyle 's Carnal Knowledge is a humorous and candid representation of some of the things that are happening in the world today. His portrayal of the storyteller and the way he deliberates in his mind, as well as his representation of Alena, has the reader questioning if they have ever believed or acted so passionately about something to get what they wanted at the time. What makes this story stand out is that it is very relatable to what’s going on in today’s lives, where some people strongly agree on one thing while others are adamant about the opposite stance in position. Boyle uses his sarcastic, yet realistic, flair to make the reader feel as if they could go through what the main character goes through. Boyle carries the reader through the different stages of the character 's development and how different situations affect the way he thinks at that moment.
Carnal Knowledge illustrates what can transpire between a man and a woman. Being too engrossed on Alena’s physical attributes causes Jim to be misled by beauty, while losing sight of his own selfish life. This short story shows one man’s internal battle concerning his lust for a stunning activist and his personal convictions. In spite of his nonexistent stand on animal rights issues, he finds himself involved in an increasingly rising battle for its cause. He does not fight for the cause because of a moral responsibility, Jim does it to win the respect of Alena. The irony of it all draws me to this story. Through…
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