Analysis Of ' T ' By Margaret Edson

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Arduous Experiment The play W;t by Margaret Edson is an account of a powerful and intelligent woman named Vivian Bearing battling a tragic disease. Vivian has been diagnosed with stage-four metastic ovarian cancer. Her treatment is a long and arduous process that takes place at the University Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center. Her primary doctor, Dr. Harvey Kelekian, and his assistant, Dr. Jason Posner, are conducting an experiment on her. They are using new treatment on her to evolve their research. Literary terms are employed throughout the play for the audience to sympathize with Vivian’s journey of suffering, loneliness, and introspection. Vivian takes the audience on an odyssey, allowing them to experience her battle with life and death. Every day is a constant struggle for Vivian. The long months of treatment bring tremendous physical and mental suffering. Vivian admits, “One thing can be said for an eight-month course of cancer treatment: it is highly educational. I am learning to suffer” (31). Throughout the eight-month period, Vivian had to become accustomed to her disease because she knew it would be part of her chapter in life. Cancer is an austere battle that involves agony in the body as well as life. At the beginning of the play, Vivian already introduces her audience to a tragic ending by applying forshadow. She asserts, “I have been, at best, an unwitting accomplice. It is not my intention to give away the plot; but I think I die at the end” (6). Vivian…
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