Analysis Of Teaching Situation : Procedure

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Analysis of Teaching Situation

The main teaching strategy used was direct instruction.
Part One – Recap of addition and revision of previous knowledge
Class started by referring back to what was taught previously. The teacher went through some simple summation questions (e.g. 2+2+2+3) with the student, recapping the method of addition - “Doubles”, “Near Doubles” (i.e. 2+2=4 and 2+3=2+2+1 and 4+5 is a “Near Doubles” pair again).
Part Two – Building up to the topic
Then teacher then went through one activity of finding patterns (see Figure 1).
Part Three – Introducing the Ant problem
After refreshing the idea of patterns, the teacher distributed a problem to all students and asked them to work through individually. Then Question was: Tom counted 3 ants in the ant house on Tuesday, and every day after, there appear to be two more ants in the ant house, find how many ants there will be on Sunday when Tom Counted.
Part Four – Working through the question
The students were allowed 20 minutes to work individually without assistance from the teacher, then called together for the teacher to go through the question.
Part Five – Further practice
Students split up again to work on finding the number of ants till the next Thursday. When most students managed to grasp the concept, the teacher called the students back and recapped the methodology. Class ended with a quick summary of the problem and the evaluation of the behaviour of the student.

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