Analysis Of Ted Buettner 's Video And Transcript

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After careful review of Ted Buettner’s video and transcript and review of his findings, I would think most people would disagree with some of his logic on how to reach 100 years old. In this case I look at my community and the factors that make up my community and in the event that what he states in his video is true, I do believe that my neighborhood and my community could absolutely adopt the ideas and concepts of a healthier lifestyle and live longer. However, I think most residents and occupants would agree to say that even though it is possible to implement all these finding into everyday life and make it a habit it just won 't happen. Getting rid of friends just because they are overweight isn’t something people are going to be making a habit out of that is just hurtful. Eating healthy is something plenty of people do, but that doesn’t always help a majority of the population who have some sort of health issue. We in
America respect our elders, but putting them on the calendars and billboards will not increase our life expectancy. In Ted Buettner’s view he believes as long as we eat right, go to church, idolize our elders and possibly get rid of a good friend or two we may add some years on to our life. He states in his transcript that “only about percent of how long the average person lives, within certain biological limits, is dictated by our genes. The other 90 percent is dictated by our lifestyle”. I do agree with Buettner when he makes the comments about how the
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