Analysis Of Ted Conover 's Coyotes : A Journey Through The Secret World Of America 's Illegal Aliens

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The topic that was covered over these past few weeks has been about the borders in Central America, Mexico, and the United States. For class we read Ted Conover’s Coyotes: A Journey Through the Secret World of America’s Illegal Aliens, Tracey Andrews’ Negotiating survival: undocumented Mexican immigrant women in the Pacific Northwest, and Gordon Hanson’s Illegal Migration from Mexico to the United States. We have also seen the film El Norte directed by Gregory Nava, the documentary De Nadie directed by Tin Dirdamal, and another documentary called Mojados which was directed by Tommy Davis. Although the films and readings were about the same issues they each portrayed the issue in different ways. For example the readings gave a lot more insight to the logistical aspects of the border issue, while the films gave more of an emotional insight to the issue. El Norte is a film focuses on a brother and sister that are basically forced to migrate to the United States because their village was being destroyed by the Guatemalan army. The film shows all the hardships that Rosa and Enrique had to surpass in order to get to Los Angeles were they still remained to struggle. Since the film shows the two’s individual stories, the audience becomes attached to these two characters which promotes emotions. The film is meant to bring the audience to the realization that immigrants are suffering, it make them connect to the story personally. A lot of the moments within the film are depressing,…
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