Analysis Of Ted Conover 's ' Coyotes '

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Analysis: Ted Conover

‘Coyotes’ (Conover. T. 1987) was written by Ted Conover and published by Random House Inc in 1987 (, Ted Conover is an American author well known for going undercover and actively participating in his chosen field of research (, generally staying in the role for a long period of time such as in “Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing” (Conover. T. 2000) when he went undercover as a correction officer, or ‘prison guard,’ (Conover. T. 2000) for a year to find the information that he was not able to gather in any other way as he was a journalist.

To Conover’s true style whilst writing “Coyotes: A Journey Across Borders With America’s Illegal Migrants” (Conover. T. 1987) he went undercover, again for a year, to explore and understand illegal immigration, the immigrants and the mercenaries involved. At first Conover was trying to describe the sensation of crossing the border without actually putting himself at risk, and at involvement but, when that failed and it was pointed out that without ever actually crossing the border himself he would never truly understand, Conover decided that he would find a way to cross the border much the same as the illegal immigrants did, and he succeeded.

‘Coyotes’ (Conover. T. 1987) was written in the hopes that it would help better understand the impact that illegal immigration had on the two societies, American and Mexican, and since Conover is an American citizen, and was at the…
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