Analysis Of Telemachus And Elie Weisel

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Characters of literature embody their unique personal qualities from elements of their lives. A merging of expectations and their environment, though neither in perfect balance, molds the two Wes Moore’s, Telemachus, and Elie Weisel, and determines their overall identity. Influencing expectations include those others form of them, or those they form for themselves. Living space, living place, stresses of life, and the people they live with are all factors of environment. Through these specific aspects of life, characters become further developed. Outside forces, especially their living environment and expectations thrust upon them, influence the lives of the two Wes’ in The Other Wes Moore. To start, both characters experienced…show more content…
His mother needed more money because she was raising both Wes’s and Tony’s kids.” (Moore 145). Military school introduced Wes to an entirely new, highly disciplined living space. Although this environment taught him discipline rather harshly, it shaped Wes through keeping him away from trouble on the streets, while also making him feel rewarded for his hard work. Finally feeling the support he lacked throughout his entire life, military school reignited Wes’ desire to do well. “They made it clear that they cared if I succeeded, and eventually so did I.” (Moore 115). Positive effects spiraled from this environment. Contrarily, the other Wes Moore’s environment negatively influenced him. Without a father-figure, Wes’ role model became his older brother, Tony, who actively participated as a drug dealer. Introducing him to a life filled with crime, Wes’ dependence and utmost respect regarding Tony led him in the wrong direction, and ultimately created his future as a criminal. However, Tony wasn 't the only driving factor in Wes’ joining the game; living in a dangerous neighborhood also added to an environment that pushed him into drugs. Additionally, expectations that characters must uphold also characterize them. Both characters are expected to stay out of trouble. The first Wes Moore masterfully fulfills this duty, becoming quite successful; however, other Wes Moore did not

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