Analysis Of Telstra Corporation Limited ( Tls )

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Telstra Corporation Limited (TLS) Part A Questions: 1. What are the entity’s principal activities? Telstra as the leading telecommunications and information services company in Australia, it offers a wide range of communications services and competing in all telecommunications markets. Telstra provides $16 million mobile services, $7.5 million for fixed voice services and $3.7 million fixed data services in Australia. 2. How much is consolidated profit after tax attributable to the shareholders of the parent entity for the 2014 financial year? According to the income statements, for the year ended 30 June 2014, the amount of attributable to equity holders of Telstra entity is $4275 million. 3. Who is the CEO? How much was CEO remuneration in the 2014 financial year (consistent with the requirements of the Australian accounting standards (AASB))? The CEO of Telstra is David Thodey and his remuneration in the 2014 financial year is $12,835,837. Remuneration of CEO remuneration generally require the value of the shares based payments to be calculated at the time of grant and accrued over the performance period and the restriction period. Some of the figures in value of STI restricted shares and LTI that become unrestricted in Telstra remuneration report have not been prepared in conformity with the AASB. Those figures are marked with an asterisk in the report. 4. Who are the auditors? How much are audit fees for the 2014 financial year? Ernst & Young (EY) is the auditors of
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