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Executive Summary
The main target of marketing is to understand customer’s needs wants and demands and to develop a way that can satisfy all this essential matters and maintain a long term profitable customer relationships. In short, the main task of marketing is to make sure, find out and provide the customer requirements.
The aim of this report is to focus on the marketing operations of Tesco and details about how they control and run their domestic and international market. The information that used to make this report complete is secondary data collected using different techniques, analysis data using different tools and techniques such as SWOT analysis, Marketing mix analysis, targeting analysis, market segmentation etc. These techniques
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Identification of the marketing target: Targeting means selecting those customers who are going to be served by the company are highly potential to the company and also selecting those who aren’t going to be served. Tesco targets a specific segment of population in UK and other countries where the company operates their operation. There are some uncontrollable elements that varies from situation to situation. Those elements are given as follows:

Setting marketing objectives: The short term Marketing objective of Tesco is profit maximization and for long-term perspectives Tesco is focusing on increasing the value of the brand image of the company. Marketing objectives of Tesco are closely related to their business strategy which consist the following seven elements:
 To be growing the UK core.
 Growing and increasing retail services in present markets focusing on the corporate social responsibility.
 Engaging the company in more diversification.
 Enhancing the brand value of the
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Depending on some specific characteristics of the product, these subsets can be divided by some specific criteria such as age, gender, income, class or other distinctions.
TESCO and Market Segmentation
Using different segmentation analysis helped Tesco to decide on their future marketing plan and strategy, what will be their future market condition, and this analysis can help them raise their competitive strengths than the other competitors.
To measure the size, purchasing power and characteristics of the buyers of each segment Tesco used a technique named Club card program, giving cardholders discounts in exchange for their name, address and other personal information and optional questions about the ages of their children etc. and use this information to study on consumer segmentation, their purchasing behavior resulting from their lifestyle.
Differentiation is very essential for an effective segmentation process, so Tesco offered some different benefits to the same club card

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