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The Determined Case By Thalia Cooper Synopsis The Determine Corporation is facing extremely tough times. The company which is based in Houston, TX has been facing financial losses, in which the company has very limited capital. The company has only one or two choices, sell the company or find an organization that can provide them with enough capital to continue to run the company. The staff knows enough about the situation and they are beginning to worry. The company has 200 representatives in 50 states and 6 countries. These representatives know something is going on but have been, as far as I am concerned, have been let in the dark about the real situation at hand. The company has even more issues, they have a few employees…show more content…
Hopefully I won’t have to let any of my staff members go, because I feel certain staff member will be valuable assets during the merger, and running our new company. My first agenda is setting up some importent meeting with vital staff members. I will meet with my CEO, COO, EVP, and CFO and discuss dire situation Determined Corp. is in now. And this is a merger is necessary because of the bad investments and the financial state the company is in now. And without a merger or a buyout Determined Corp. will have to close its doors. The Sunshine Corp. and Determined Corp. mergering will be an opportunity to both reduce our operating costs and achieve an important strategic objective which is making Determined Corp. productive again. By combining the two corporations, this merger will therefore be viewed as a vehicle for increasing Determine revenue growth. The Staff The fear of mergering can damage my employees ' confidence. So I have decided to have a staff meeting like, I mention before, with my key players. I need to reassure them and, tell them about the status of Determined. My staff has been very loyal to this company and they deserve to know the truth. My first agenda is to have a meeting with my CEO, CCO, EVP Sales, CFO, THESE individuals are very important to this company. They know the urgency of getting this merger to occur fast because Determined is going under quickly. We have a major problem with Cris Crooked
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