Analysis Of ' The Achievement Of Desire ' And Para Teresa By Richard Rodriguez And Inez Avila

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English 12 Eo3
Fall 2015
Prof. Andrews
Essay Three
SS: 1341
Prompt: Discuss the theme of cultural ambivalence in the Avila and Rodriguez selections.

In the “The Achievement of Desire” and “Para Teresa” Richard Rodriguez and Inez Avila describe the troubles of balancing life at home and at school. Rodriguez conveys the difficulties he had to face separating from his own culture to achieve academic success. His article portrays the cultural world and the educational world as separate institutions that cannot coexist in America. Throughout his text Rodriguez provides detailed experiences in order to explain his thought process. Inez Avila however presents her article as a letter dedicated to a school bully. In contrast to Rodriguez perspective Avila wrote her poem in English and Spanish to appeal to Mexican -American culture. She walks the reader through an argument between her and a fellow classmate as she was cornered in a bathroom. Her poem depicts how children who share the same culture discriminate within their own community. Both these articles are told from a Latino-American point of view yet they radically differ from each other.
Inez Hernandez – Avila attended school somewhere in the Alamo in the 1950s. During this time life was tough especially for minorities. Most Mexicans didn’t understand the system and why it worked against them. Avila decided to write a poem that depicted her experiences during this era. The introduction paragraph in “Para Teresa”…
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