Analysis Of The Adoration Of Jenna Fox

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Jenna Fox was in a car accident with her two best friends, Kara and Locke, they didn´t survive but she did. Jenna Fox is seventeen years old, she was in a coma for a year after the accident. They moved out of Boston after and she began a new life there because she remembered very little of her past. Jenna became friends with Allys and Ethan. In The Adoration of Jenna Fox, the author Mary E. Pearson uses the choice of Jenna refusing to go to her room because she was upset, that choice changed her life forever by causing the accident and caused her friends their lives and everyone grief.
First of all, Jenna Fox made the choice not to go to her room because she was upset after a fight with her mother. ¨You and your mother were having an argument. She wouldn´t let you go to a party. She didn´t like who was giving it. The argument was going on and on, in circles, until she had finally had enough and ordered you to your room. Do you remember what you did? You laughed at her. You said you weren´t seven years old and then stomped out the door.¨ (Pearson 149) This shows why she made the choice to disobey her mother and not go to her room. ¨It was a party. A stupid one. We were bored. Uninvited. No one knew us. We didn't know any of them. It was crowded. Tight circles of strangers were drinking and smoking, oblivious to us. Crashing the party was a thrill that lasted five minutes.¨ (Pearson 225) This shows that she went to the party her and her mother were arguing about instead of
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