Analysis Of The Alternative By Galen Leonhardy

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In Journal two, of The Alternative, by Galen Leonhardy, he explains how his students are growing academically and individually, along with how he is helping them succeed. He explains how his students are beginning to talk about their personal lives, as well as, beginning to be more active in their education. He goes into depth about three students, and those students are Gia, who is in an abusive home, but still wants to finish her schooling, Lori, who was taught by Mr. Leonhardy that she can use her knowledge about the history of a local bar to her advantage, and Tony, who is a student with mental health issues. As Galen Leonhardy meets with his students’ parents, he learns more about the students’ lives. As he talks about his students’ lives, he also begins to write about how he plans to help them. Although he has opposing forces, like Anne and Judith, he writes about wanting to build an outreach program that helps students, as well as their parents. He concludes by saying that day by day he is growing, and how his fellow staff, as well as himself, need to start expecting productive change from the students. While reading Journal two, I was faced with the question, what is the most effective educational program outline? Is it a traditional educational program that goes by the books and never strays, or is it a non-traditional educational program that is determined by each individual student? Although a traditional education program does work, a non-traditional and
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