Analysis Of `` The Altruist Of Politics ``

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Analysis of, “The Altruist in Politics” The benefits of communism have been debated for centuries. The underlining principle in communism is altruism. Benjamin Cardozo explains why altruism and communism will never be successful in reality. In Cardozo’s essay “The Altruist in Politics”, he explains that socialism will never work due to the fact it relies on altruism; although his argument is a strong one in the sense that he is passionate about his opinion and provides supporting evidence, it is problematic because of the false claims and never fully explaining why people are drawn to socialism if it is deficient. Benjamin Cardozo has a strong argumentative essay against the idea of altruism. Cardozo’s central claim is if people allow altruism to be practiced in government then they will lose their individualism and their government would eventually collapse. To being his article Cardozo explains how the lower class will always dislike the upper class and that is the reason altruism has been a topic of discussion for centuries. Cardozo then proceeds to explain how the world is driven by self interest. The reason things get accomplished by people is for the reason of self interest. Cardozo explains that altruism would kill the idea of self interest and people would be less likely to be productive. Next Cardozo describes how altruism would make all people poor which would give the illusion that no one was actually poor. Cardozo then goes on to ask the question of how altruism
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