Analysis Of The American Dream In The Grapes Of Wrath

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It was Dehumanized and Rebuilt The American Dream supposedly gives everyone an equal opportunity at success. However, in The Grapes of Wrath the American Dream the very people who had dreamt it had also slain the dream. The idea of everyone being fair is destroyed throughout this novel. The Californians are very derogatory towards the migrants, leading the migrants to feel the same towards the Californians. Nonetheless, Casy and Tom attempt to rebuild the dream that was a crucial point for hope. The family, as well as others, experienced the hardships of losing hope, for example, Uncle John experienced this when Casy was taken to jail (Steinbeck, 1967). The American Dream offers hope. It also offers a chance that there is a better way or a light at the end of the tunnel. When migrants come to America, they are prone to believing everything will work out for them. However, there is in fact a problem with the American Dream. In The Grapes of Wrath, the Okies believe that everything will be tolerable or that things will get better in the end. In spite of this idea, the migrants are churlishly turned away. These citizens fear what will happen by helping out their neighbor, thus leading the American Dream to slowly disintegrate. On the other hand, all the migrants wanted was to feed their families and provide for them. The American Dream falsely led them to believe that this was how it always was, no matter who you are or where you are from in the country. Not only is the American Dream falling apart, but the people are tearing each other apart. In The Grapes of Wrath, the American Dream is destroyed. The Californians and the migrants turn against each other. The people have lost the idea that helping each other is satisfactory. They fear what the Okies might do rather than helping them. In the end, if the Californians would have helped out the families they might have stopped the uprising in the migrants. After Casy was taken away, Uncle John can barely make it through the day. Uncle John says,” Wanna die so bad. Go on. Gonna res here’,” this statement shows that the American Dream is destroyed and there is nothing left for the migrants (Steinbeck, 1967). The American Dream was an unreachable idea. The big
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