Analysis Of The Annenberg Learner, Video On Demand Series Session 6

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In the Annenberg Learner, Video on Demand series session 6, Evolution and the tree of life, various professors or scholars discussed the evolution of life. The session began with a beautiful photograph of Harvard University of Natural History. Next, a narrator introduced the Museum of Comparative Zoology located in the basement of Harvard. The basement holds the reptile and amphibian collection. The narrator pointed out that the century old jars containing specimens of bodies along with their DNAs carry clues that help scientists to reveal how evolution has shaped and reshaped the living planet also how to make sense of life. Dr. Linda Grisham of Lesley University then highlighted the topics to be explored. Namely, what is a species, how do new species evolve, and how species are related to the past and present. The discussion then shifted to a science lab with young students (scientist) and Dr. Karen Worth. Dr. Worth from the Educational Development Center demonstrated how the study of evolution can be introduced in the elementary grades. One illustration was to have students explore, examine, and compare different organism or creatures. Dr. Grisham also highlighted the similarities of a frog and a dog. Interestingly, they both have four limbs but the forms are different. Dr. Zook from Boston University argued that there is evidence that life has continued to evolve from ancient creatures. Dr. Grisham then remarked that variation occurs in every generation.

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