Analysis Of The Apologetics Application Of Groothuis 's Christian Apologetics

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Todd Bush
APOL 500
June 5, 2016 Instructions for this submission:
Part 1: Make sure you read and understand the Apologetics Application Paper Instructions document before you attempt to complete any part of this form. Attempted submissions that do not use the submission form provided will not be accepted for credit.

To complete this part of the project, download this form to your computer, save it with a different file name using your last name and the assignment name, and type your submission directly in the space provided below. Do not change any aspect of the formatting, arrangement, or layout of this form. In the space below, provide the information indicated.

1. Worldview Selection
Of the 3 choices listed in the Apologetics Application Paper Instructions, which worldview will you write about in this paper?

Worldview selected: Secular Humanism

2. Summary of Significant Beliefs of the Worldview
In Chapter 4 of Groothuis’s Christian Apologetics, he describes the Christian worldview using several major categories of belief. For this section of your paper, you will describe the worldview you have selected to write about using these same categories of belief. For example, what does the worldview you have selected believe about ultimate reality? What do they believe about the source of morality?

You do not need to cover all of the categories Groothuis mentions in Chapter 4,

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