Analysis Of The Argument Of Anselm About The Existence Of God

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Rajveer Kaur Chauhan (801603)
Philosophy 101
Professor Kent Schmor
3 March.2017
Philosophy paper.
I am going to reconstruct the argument of the Anselm about the existence of the text Anselm try to explain the about the existence of the greatest conceivable being in the understanding and in the reality. He gives a definition to god “you are something than which nothing greater can be conceived”(Anselm).
In the text, a person ‘fool’ argues that god doesn’t exist in the reality but he knows what he is talking about. So God does exist in his understanding whether he believes that God doesn’t present in the real world. Presences of god in the understanding mean a person have a knowledge about a thing he is imagining in his mind and knows
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