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In the article, “13 Rules That Expire,” by Karen S. Karp, Sarah B. Bush, and Barbara J. Dougherty, the three authors discuss thirteen of the most commonly used tricks, tips, and strategies that do not promote a full understanding of mathematics. Furthermore, this promotion of shortcuts and alternatives that are commonly steering children to misunderstandings as they grow and expand their knowledge in a higher level atmosphere. These strategies are that discussed in the article are taught in elementary and middle school levels. However, once these rules are taught and established they tend to expire around grade seven and up when children start learning complex multistep problems. The overall content of the article is accurate when…show more content…
To display this scenario, when children see the equation (6= __ + 4) they are triggered to find the answer to solve the problem, which is correct. However, when using the same concept on the multistep equation (3+x=5+2x) children assume that they are going to solve the equation, but they do not realize that the two equations are actually equal to each other because the “X” equals the same thing on both sides. This sample proves that this tactic that teachers are teaching expires in certain scenarios. With that being said, the main purpose of this article is for teachers to be aware of these rules that they are teaching in the classroom, because they are expiring and not useful to the student when they participate in higher level education. The most important conclusion from this editorial is knowing that mathematics is changing/will change over time. With that being said, reading this article and becoming familiar with the thirteen rules that expire, gives a teacher the opportunity to break out of the “norm” by teaching children by using tips, tricks, and strategies. This article allows teachers to understand that the concepts being taught need to be sustainable for years so they will not fall under this category of “expiration”. The commentary, “13 Rules That Expire” has many strengthens in the points

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