Analysis Of The Article ' A Great Statement On The Wall Street Journal ' Essay

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Darnell Davis
English Comp 1

Research Paper Mark Peters and Douglas Belkin make a great statement in their wall street journal article “Surprising Finding on Two-Year Vs Four-Year Degree’s” it states a “college degree is worth the investment”. Most of the time it is not about what kind of grades you will get or what college your accepted into, it is all about perception, including financial issues, level of independence and wheatear or not a major is already determined. Meanwhile, Community college and Four-Year universities are both wonderful options, but are meant for totally different people. For someone who has a set career path in mind such as a brain surgeon, pursue that route at Yale University. But for that person do not feel as comfortable leaving the nest or do not have goals in mind than Community College is a better route for that individual to pursue. The education you will get at a Community is different from the one you would get at a Four-Year university. Many people tend to believe the “Big University” is the far better route. Community college tend to have fewer students per classroom setting, which means more time for Student-Teacher interaction. This is for the students who like to have access to their professors to ask questions and avoid getting lost. Therefore, enhancing a student’s learning. It also means more recognition for students which in some cases a specific student may need that extra recognition to stay focused. At a

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