Analysis Of The Article ' A Lifeline '

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Copyright (c) 2015 Daniel Newhard The shadowy figure stood on the roof of the building, going over in his head the plan for this job. The central floors were entirely unoccupied, and so that would be his entry point. He grinned; this was going to be too easy. Tying a lifeline to himself and one of the water pipes snaking up the side of the building, he carefully lowered himself to the fourth floor balcony. He quickly pulled out a set of lock-picking tools and made short work of the pitiful lock on the door. Inside the building was an office, plain and rather dull. Cubicles split the room and made his line of sight short, but he knew where he was going. Walking swiftly, he navigated his way through the maze of bland, gray cubicle walls,…show more content…
Realizing this was a problem, he forced himself into action, gingerly picking up the mug and righting it. The flow of coffee ceased as he turned it upwards, and he was once more standing in silence, the crisis averted. Slowly the idea of what had just happened dawned on him, and he stood for a moment, deciding what to do. Experimentation was needed, just to confirm that he wasn 't losing his mind, so he turned the cup downwards again, once more causing a stream of the caffeinated liquid to flood from it 's interior. Righting the cup quickly, he had to once more tell himself that he was not dreaming, and to confirm this he took a short quaff from the cup, and was rewarded by a taste similar to what he could only describe as nothing short of perfection. Extremely cliché of a definition, the thought came to his mind, but true nonetheless. An idea dawned on him, and provided he was not hallucinating right now, it would be a better plan than robbing the office itself blind. Hastily picking up the mess of papers on the floor, he went back to the door, silently re-locked it, and made his way all the way down the building, coffee cup in hand.

None of his previous (and quite seedy) friends or employers saw him again after that night, as he had decided in the instant he had drunk from the mug that he would start a new life, one of wealth, near-limitless power, and delicious coffee. His new empire
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