Analysis Of The Article ' A Modest Proposal '

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The article “A Modest Proposal” is a proposal made by a man named Jonathan Swift who is also known for Gulliver’s Travels which is another well spoken essay of satire. When the people of Dublin are suffering from poverty and overpopulation, Swift writes up a satirical hyperbole that mocks the heartless Irish attitudes towards the poor. The bottleneck effect of people was so dreadful that all the Catholic families of Dublin were not able to support their own children. Due to these conditions Swift writes this proposal to end the kingdom’s issues in a serious but derisive way. All of his solutions tend to be ethically wrong, but he backs up his solutions with statistical facts. Swift’s proposal is a satire made to jolt the people of Dublin, Ireland into understanding the growing issues the kingdom faces with poverty and overpopulation. Swift’s method of choice for a long term elucidation is to turn the Dubliner’s problems into their own solution. The proposal consists of feeding the fattened up children of the poor and selling them to the rich citizens of the kingdom as food. Swift states that doing this will help relieve families from paying for expensive children, decrease overpopulation, add culinary values, increase employment, and will overall add to the economic status of the kingdom. Swift concludes his proposal saying that it is in his greatest interest that his proposal does not take effect, and that his only motives are improving the public good of his country,
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