Analysis Of The Article ' A Question Of Honor '

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Sebastian Poe
Kathryn Hulings
Essay #1 Plagiarism, by almost every light, is a serious problem deserving of time, attention and care. However, its prevention is a complex, difficult question, complicated by excessive sloth and lack of action from administrators. The article “A Question of Honor”, written by William Chace, a professor and concerned citizen, is effective at reaching its intended audience. Largely, the intended audience is students, professors, and administrators who are concerned with plagiarism and wish to stop it. Consequently the purpose of the article, the prevention of plagiarism, is addressed. The article was originally published in American Scholar in the Spring 2012 issue. It can be located in the Ethics in Higher Education, edited by Nancy Henke et al. Chace’s thesis suggests that plagiarism can be prevented by the culture associated with the university. The article was originally put in an academic journal, making its audience somewhat easier to determine. As well, the article uses appeals to scholarly professionals. The text spends a good portion of the prologue establishing the claim that there is a chronic problem of plagiarism present in this culture. In the body text of the article, Chace first of all presents counterarguments to the idea that cheating is an acceptable way to learn how to write, then spends the majority of the article describing how to prevent cheating. This is effective for the genre, a persuasive article in an…
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