Analysis Of The Article ' Acceptance Speech For The 2013 Ridenhour Courage Prize '

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On March 18, 2016, The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ran through Tiananmen Square in Beijing and posted a photo of it. From the background of the photo, the color of the smoky sky was gray that indicates the serious air pollution. Some sarcastic comments criticize that he should have worn a face mask for his health and a heated online debate about China’s air pollution problems have been raised. The environmental problems have become one of the global realistic matters nowadays urging people to ponder the way of their living and producing. In the article “Acceptance Speech for the 2013 Ridenhour Courage Prize”, climatologist James Hansen states the importance of his solution to climate change under the threats by the exploitation of fossil fuels on Earth. He stresses that the collection of a carbon fee from the fossil fuel companies will distribute the funds back to the public, which “puts an honest price on fossil fuels, making them pay their costs to society” (258), and this approach will also promote the development of new technologies that can reduce pollution. I agree with Hansen’s proposal about collecting carbon fee. In fact, I would argue that we should accept a comprehensive ecological taxation system that imposes a tax on any substances or activities that cause environmental pollution, not only on burning fossil fuels, because it would inspire individuals and businesses to change behavior, bring economic benefits and improve the competitiveness of alternatives.

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