Analysis Of The Article ' America 's Mass Shootings Epidemic '

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How safe are we? Gun control is a debate that has escalated dramatically in recent years. The Second Amendment states “to the United States Constitution protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms.” , but at what point is that line crossed where it is questioned whether we are allowed to bear arms or not? Mark Follman, a writer for the LA times, wrote an article “America 's mass-shootings epidemic” that talks about how mass murders have been escalating over the past decades. This article is geared towards readers between the ages of twenty to fifty because of the use of statistics that appeals to this age group who are mainly set out to redeem fact. Heidi Yewman, a writer for USA Today, wrote an article “Don 't 'like ' Facebook 's gun solution: Column” about how Facebook does not take caution when online weapon exchanges occur. This article is geared more towards an eighteen to thirty year old audience because of the editor’s use of trying to relate to her reader. Mark Follman’s article is logos-driven because he uses facts that he has collected in order to show his reader how mass murders have escalated. Heidi Yewman’s article is more ethos-driven because her use of herself as examples to support her writing. In Follman’s article, he uses logos to appeal to his twenty to fifty year old audience by using factual arguments. Mark Follman states, “But new research from the Harvard School of Public Health demonstrates that mass shootings in public have become

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