Analysis Of The Article ' Are You Sexually, And Does That Matter?

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Analysis of Articles One of the keys points in the article “Are you Sexually Normal- and Does That Matter?” by Dr. Klein is “are we normal?” As humans we want to be seen as normal, but there is no real definition for normal. In class, Professor Popillion asked us our definition of a virgin and as a class we have different views on what we classified as a virgin. This is exactly what is going on with the definition of normal. I didn’t realize how much of a problem this was until reading this article because it affects us starting at childhood all the way into adulthood and beyond. Society makes us believe that we will be frowned upon for being sexual and having sexual thoughts all of our lives. Dr. Klein mentioned “as children, we learn to fear being discovered as sexual, and to mistrust our sexual energy, curiosity and desire.” It was really surprising to me to find out that a lot of young girls and boys believe they can’t talk about their sexuality and fear that there is something wrong with them because of their sexuality. This is really sad because as children we have these feelings and everyone is telling us that they are bad, and in a child’s mind it makes them believe they are bad. When I was younger I thought this as well and I didn’t have anyone to talk to about these types of things. I believed that I wasn’t allowed to know about these things and what it was because it was bad. Another key point that is brought up in Dr. Klein’s article is the want by humans to be
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